lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2007

Raven For Mugen (BETA 1.0)

Español (Scroll down for English)
¿Quién es Raquel Ramos? (Se oye raro, pero ese es su nombre xD)
Pues pocos conocemos la historia real pero el asunto aquí es presentar la versión BETA que les prometí, ¿No creyeron que cumpliría? deben aprender a confiar más en su amigable Chase x)

¿Qué se agregó, la banda?

Metimos otro Hyper, hicimos la versión anglosajona, metimos otras dos paletitas y agregamos daño a pesar de que el oponente esté bloqueando.

¿Qué más le vas a poner?

Aún falta mucho, tengan en cuenta que es una versión BETA, por lo tanto está a prueba, es como un regalo x) Asi que por lo pronto puedo decir que tengo planeado dos aceleradores de poder, es decir, que añadan defensas a Raven.

Muito obrigado pela ajuda, Kenshin x)

Pues bien, no me dió tiempo de hacer un video de muestra pero en éste mes lo subiré para que muchos se animen a bajarlo, sigue ya la versión 2.0, esa ya no será BETA. En fin, creo que es todo por el momento.

Descarga el char aquí en su versión en español latinoamericana
(Hosteado en 4 shared)

Felices fiestas.


-Chaser *fuera

Who's Rachel Root?
I'm one of those few who know the real story, but the business here is for present my new char in its BETA version as I promised, You didn't believe me? You should trust now to your friendly Chaser x)

What's new, la banda?

We added another hyper, we made an English and a latinoamerican version as for languages, we added two more palettes and we added extra damage when the enemy is blocking

What's next?

Still so muh to do, have on mind that this is a BETA version, that's to say, it's in a test, it's like a gift from me to her fans and overall to her x) So at this time I just can say that I've planned some boosts for her energy and her health.

Muito obrigado pela ajuda, Kenshin x)

Hooray, I couldn't get enough time to make a video, I'll upload it to show my next WIP, there are many but in this month I'll post it to cheer people up to download it, next: version 2.0 and won't be BETA version, well, that's all for this moment.

Download it here in its English version
(hosted at 4 shared)

Happy Holydays.

BEst REgards.

-Chaser *out

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ZELDA dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
ZELDA dijo...

when I downloaded it it had on def file. why?

Kharlhos dijo...

Not sure to understand your problem, I've downloaded it again, installed it and I had no problem, I suggest to check your mugen version, don't hesitate to write again.
Take CAre.

Anónimo dijo...

LOL I have left a comment somewhere else, I believe under the starfire. It was asking for you to upload Raven. And here it is!! LoL @ myself. But for some advice, if this page can have an outline, try to redo the page for navigation purposes. People like me may have a hard time finding your chars and updates. Most of your links direct to the same page as well. But you rule never-the-less chaser!

Anónimo dijo...

Hey and while I'm at it, I have some requests. How about the other team on teen titans that joined with them for a short time? think you can get them made? incase no one knows, supergirl is impossible, and i repeat, impossible to find. if you think otherwise or have her plz post.